Formerly Yummyholic. Still made with love.



Hi there, I'm Jasmine! :)

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Welcome to Butter and Joy!

Formerly known as Yummyholic, Butter and Joy was born out of a desire to communicate greater love, warmth, and inclusiveness that better aligned with the years of work in creative activism and bake therapy that I became most known for.

When I created Yummyholic in 2012, my intention was to create a light-hearted, hyper cutesy brand that called on the hearts of anyone who identified with the relentless pursuit of all things yummy and adorable.

But with my business being an extension of my own identity, it's been an ever-evolving adventure. In my attempts to move the world in the sweetest way I knew how, I used the light-hearted to alleviate the heavy pain points I felt internally and collectively.

My portrait cookies depicting marginalized Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders took on a life of their own in the form of cookie activism and led me to opportunities beyond my imagination. I got to speak on the TEDx stage, exhibit my work in museums and galleries, and have my cookie art turned into lesson plans and curriculum shared internationally.

As I became more aware of the resilience and rejuvenation I gained from the kitchen, I placed my business on hiatus and returned to school to research and develop the idea of baking as a form of art therapy. In February 2023, I officially graduated with my Master's in Art Therapy and Creativity Development.

I attempted to separate my art, author, and activist roles under my name at Jasmine M. Cho, but the feelings of misalignment with Yummyholic never went away for me. I just couldn't think of what to pivot to... until now!

The story of how the name "Butter and Joy" finally came to me involves the love of my lifetimes Jordan and two of his former students, Milk and Joy. On Jordan's 39th birthday, Milk gushed to me all about Jordan—how much she respects and admires him, how much he deserves the best, and how happy she is that he's found me; that we've found each other.

During the party, as I kept saying to other guests, "Do you know Milk and Joy?", I casually joked that "Milk and Joy" would be a fun bakery name. And it stuck.

What stuck were all the beautiful feelings that became a core memory for me that night. Milk and Joy were the second to arrive to Jordan's birthday party and the second-to-last to leave. It made such an impression on me to witness the genuine love between Jordan, Milk, and Joy and the positive influence they clearly had on each other.

These feelings of mutual love, appreciation, and genuinely seeing and celebrating one another are what I hope Butter and Joy can fully encompass.

Butter and Joy will be my continued efforts to create the most delicious and comforting baked goods that have the power to turn around your day for the better. I will continue to serve custom treats that celebrate what and who are most important to you in the most meaningful ways possible. And beyond a menu, I hope to continue making our community sweeter through more events, programs, and workshops that feature baking and decorating for fun and for healing.